What to Expect from Mentoring

What to Expect from Mentoring

A mentor is first and foremost a guide, providing advice and support to her mentee as she moves through her career. It’s important to understand the role of the mentor and to manage expectations from the relationship.

What does a mentor do:

  • Helps the mentee achieve their career goals and full potential
  • Provides a strong role-model that may be otherwise absent in the mentee’s life
  • Listens to the mentee without judgement and in confidence
  • Provides career advice and guidance
  • Shares their experience and provides constructive feedback

What does a mentorĀ not do:

  • Help a mentee with her homework
  • Provide academic reference letters (personal reference letters may be considered)
  • Directly provide career opportunities (PhD positions etc.)
  • Provide psychological counselling